Monday, July 1, 2013

How To Get AutoAwesome GooglePlus Badges On Your Blog or Website

As a Follow up to +Mike Allton's article: Google+ Releases Gorgeous New Site Badges
I just did a little experiment and found out something pretty interesting. Looks like if the cover image on your Google Plus Profile Page, Business Page, or Even Community has an "Autoawesome" image, it will display in the new badges. (Link to badge code found here: Google Plus Badges)

So as illustrated on the top right of my desktop blog (not mobile version) or below, as well as on my Michlin Metals Inc web page you can see that the badge is actually animated.  Just like the hovercard and cover image on your Google Plus Pages. I was able to shoot the images for this cover and +Stephan Hovnanian  helped me overlay some text. 

What Can AutoAwesome Do for You?
The new badge sparks instant interest as it captures a customers focus on first glance. The use of an autoawesome cover image translates to an extraordinarily more dynamic impression. When used properly, the motion in the image can draw positive attention to your brand by grabbing the eye of your potential customer. 

Are there Really Benefits?
Of course there are. Not only do sparks fly, it attracts their attention and also gives them a convenient place to click. Ending in a plus 1, a follow or best yet, both. That a positive outcome for your brand, either way
How Can I Get this Done?
Well, first you need an autoawesome image as your cover b/c as we know from Stephan's post they appear in over 17 places (not just 16 any more like we thought. Keep your eyes peeled for another post from him about this last placement) In order to get all 17 places to display your motion autoawesome image, your cover image must first be optimized and set. In order to ensure that image is optimized, I will point you to one of Stephan's posts that explains everything needed to create the properly optimized cover image.

There are many tips to taking a proper autoawesome image but for this it's recommended you use a tripod and shoot w/a DSLR camera. (or just invest in this kickstarter project and wait till it arrives: Spinpod) Thanks to +Denise Wakeman for that little beauty.     

Just in case you don't believe there are that many places that utilize your Hovercard or E business card. Here is the post by +Stephan Hovnanian about the 17 places your image shows up via the hovercard:
The Google Plus Hovercard: Your calling card across all of Google

Simple, Easy, Effective
All you need is a stunning autoawesome cover image and a few lines of code. Some proper badge placement on your website or blog and you have a brand new way to not only drive more traffic to your G+ pages but to represent your brand in an autoawesome and dynamic fashion. 


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