Monday, September 30, 2013

Semantic Search and It's Impact on Your Digital Marketing Efforts October 2013

15 Amazing Videos about Semantic Search & It's Impact to your Digital Marketing Efforts curated by +Luis Galarza and featuring +David Amerland in many of the videos shown here.

HOA Index:

1) What is the Future of Semantic Search? By +Matt Cutts 
2) Semantic Search: Introduction by +David Amerland 
3) How Semantic Search Is Changing Everything. By+Yifat Cohen  the +G+GoTo Gal 
4) Semantic SEO: What It Means To You And Video? By+David Amerland  Hosted By +Ronnie Bincer 
5) Semantic Search Overview
6) Semantic Search With David Amerland & +Max Minzer 
7) Google Semantic Search. What's It All About? With David Amerland. By +martin shervington 
8) Google Authorship. By Martin Shervington & +Mark Traphagen 
9) SEO and Semantic Search Hosted by +Carol Dodsley  with +Al Remetch  and David Amerland
10) Why Should Writers Care About Semantic Search? Asking David Amerland. By +John Rakestraw 
11) Tek-Talk: The Future Of SEO With David Amerland. Hosted by the wonderful and missed +J.C. Kendall  and+su ann lim 
12) Semantic Search For Real World Local Businesses - Meet The Pros. Hosted by +Oleg Moskalensky  +Mark Blinderman  and +Luis Galarza  with David as our VIP guest.
13) What Lawyers Online Must Know About Trust & Authority In Semantic Web. By +Michael Ehline 
14) Explaining These Semantic Evolution With David Amerland. By +troy mc laughlin 
15) What Google Plus Features Matter On Search Ranking. Hosted by +Yifat Cohen  with +Mark Traphagen 

Composed by +Michael Bennett who works at Michlin Metals. A Woman Owned Small Business Aerospace Metal and Stainless Steel Distributor. Follow Michlin on Twitter @MichlinMetalsFacebookLinkedIn, Google+ or on the Web at More on the author on Google+

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